zaterdag 22 maart 2014

Very first mini album!

I finally finished my very first mini album!

It is very basic if I compare it with all those wonderful albums I see out there, but there is room for improvement ;-)

I only have been scrapping for a couple of weeks now, so I don't have a lot of material yet.
I don't have any inks, so I wasn't able to distress the edges, I hope to buy some very soon.
I didn't have any cutouts, punch, lace, ...
I had to be very creative making almost all the embellishments myself.
For for example:
I don't have any flowers yet, so I had to make them all myself.
Luckily there are some great tutorials on youtube to help me how to make them and help me find some inspiration.
I have cut down and painted some old curtains and tablecloths for fabric, recycled used paper,... :p

I really love the beautiful things you're all making!
Most off what I know comes from :

LuvLee Scrappin : Leanne, you are the reason I started making a mini album, You have learnt me so much! thank you so much!

Tracys Treasures : I have watched all your video's! You have inspired me at so many levels! Thank you so much Tracy!

♥My Passion for Paper♥ : Leonie, you are so talented! thank you for letting uw enjoy the wonderful things you make! 

Thank you so much you all!
I definitely have found myself a new hobby!

If I found the courage, I will post some photo's of the inside soon.... ;-)

See you all soon...

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