zondag 25 mei 2014

Really first Art-Journal!


Today I have made my very first Art-Journal :-)

I was looking for one for a couple of weeks now, but I think I'm a bit to picky as I still didn't had one...
Or I thought of the ones I found they where to smal or to big or to pricey or...
Friday I discovered jennibellie her YouTube channel and she has inspired me to start and make one myself using cardboard boxes and thick junkmail.
I started on the cover Saturday and today I have finished it off.
As of tomorrow I can start using it to try out new techniques or just play around....

For the cover I used a box of and covered it up with some scraps of pages of an old book.
after that I covered it with some tissue paper, white-washed it witch gesso and colored it with some acrylic paint.
I have made some stencils and used them to create some texture.
I glued down a picture I had colored with watercolor pencils a while ago.
To give it the finishing touch I used some glitter pens to color or outline some drawing or paintings...
Unfortunately after everything was done I wanted to seal everything with glossy mod podge.
This was a big mistake because it made the glitter pen smudge (is this the right word??? :s )

All things considering I'm happy with the results and I hope I can get a lot of joy working in this journal...

here are some more photos of the back- and inside of the cover....

If you wanna see how to make this journal you can watch the tutorial Jennibellie did on youtube here.

Hope you all had a creative weekend as well,
See you all soon...


2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love Jennibellie !!!!!
    You journal turned out beautifully.
    I love the layering and your coloured Magnolia image is so cute :)

  2. Je hebt ook leuke dingetjes op je blog; ik wil meer ik wil meer hihi :)